Kaibab Lodge

located on the North side of the Grand Canyon.

Kaibab (pronounced "ky-bab") is a Paiute Indian word meaning "mountain lying down." Kaibab Lodge is in the heart of the North Kaibab National Forest just five miles from the entrance to Grand Canyon National Park's north rim.
Built "about 1926-1927," the lodge is said by some to have once been a working cattle ranch. Now it's a quiet place where people come to see deer, wild turkey, the unique kaibab squirrel, a variety of wild birds, or to visit the national park. At 8,770 feet above sea level, the lodge is cool when the surrounding desert is hot....

While the North rim has far fewer visitors and no activities like, bus tours, jeep tours, river rafting, helicopter flights, train ride, horseback rides, (due to it's unique location) unlike the South rim, it offers a special experience.

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